Business Etiquette and The Polished Professional™

Business etiquette plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining successful professional relationships.

It serves as a set of guidelines that govern behavior in the business world, emphasizing respect, courtesy, and consideration for others. Proper business etiquette fosters a positive and professional atmosphere, contributing to effective communication and collaboration.

It helps build trust among colleagues, clients, and partners, ultimately enhancing the reputation of individuals and organisations.

Learning how to be a Polished Professional™ and demonstrating good business etiquette reflects positively on one's character and can open doors to new opportunities.

Whether it's in communication, meetings, or networking events, adhering to established etiquette norms contributes to a harmonious and productive working environment, making it an indispensable aspect of achieving success in the business world.

Course curriculum

    1. The 4 Elements

    2. The History of Etiquette

    3. Etiquette Different to Manners

    1. How COVID Changed Etiquette

    2. Fundamental Skills of Business Etiquette

    3. Smiling to Connect

    4. Why Eye Contact is Important

    5. How to Handshake Properly

    6. Introducing Yourself to Others

    7. Making Great First Impressions

    8. 3 Cs

    1. How to Make Great Small Talk

    2. Putting People at Ease

    3. How to Remember Names

    4. The 5-Second Elevator Statement

    5. Improving Your Elevator Statement

    1. Giving Receiving Business Cards

    2. Giving Receiving Business Gifts

    3. International Customers

    4. The Advantages of being a Polished Professional™

    5. Summary

    1. Final Assessment - Quiz

About this course

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  • 24 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content