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Learning interview skills is crucial in today's competitive job market as it significantly enhances one's chances of securing employment.
Job interviews serve as a critical gateway for employers to evaluate a candidate's qualifications, communication abilities, and overall suitability for a position.
A strong set of interview skills enables individuals to effectively showcase their strengths, experiences, and interpersonal skills, making a positive impression on potential employers.
Additionally, mastering interview techniques enhances self-confidence, reduces anxiety, and allows candidates to navigate challenging questions with ease.
In essence, acquiring interview skills is an investment in one's professional success, empowering individuals to navigate the hiring process more effectively and stand out in a crowd of applicants.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Platform Walkthrough - OPTIONAL

    2. Introducing Interview Skills E-Learning

    1. Do your Research

    2. Consider the Interview format - in virtual

    3. Consider the Interview format - in person

    4. Practice makes perfect

    5. Dealing with nerves

    6. Dressing for the interview

    1. Be (the Best Version of) Yourself

    2. Pay attention to your non-verbal communication

    3. Follow the key rules of engagement

    4. Listen first, talk later

    5. Follow Up

    6. Few final words

    1. Quiz

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