International Business Etiquette


Cultural awareness is a multifaceted asset. It improves communication by reducing misunderstandings and promotes positive interpersonal relationships through empathy and respect.
In the global business arena, it's essential for effective collaboration and negotiation. This awareness enhances adaptability in diverse situations and equips individuals for conflict resolution. In the workplace, it contributes to inclusivity, fostering creativity and innovation.
Personally, cultural awareness encourages self-reflection and personal growth, broadening worldviews. It also develops valuable skills like cultural competence, crucial in many professions. Additionally, it facilitates respectful community engagement, challenging stereotypes, and reducing prejudice.
In essence, cultural awareness enables individuals to navigate the interconnected and diverse world with sensitivity and openness.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Platform Walkthrough - OPTIONAL

    2. Introducing International Etiquette

    1. Understanding Cultural Differences - Greetings

    2. Formality of Names

    3. Communicating

    4. Time Management and Punctuality

    5. Dining Etiquette

    6. Dress Code

    7. Gift Giving

    8. The importance of cultural awareness

    9. Conclusion

    1. Final Assessment - Quiz

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