Feel confident in any social situation

Do you want to perfect your table manners and feel confident in any dining situation?

Do you sometimes feel intimidated by formal place settings, cutlery arrangements and unfamiliar food?

How you hold your knife and fork, where you place your napkin, how you sit – the way we eat reveals a lot about us. But it’s not just about observing the rules. Table manners are about more than simple customs. Whether you are eating in a fancy restaurant or at home with friends and family, good table manners are a courtesy and will make dining a more pleasant experience.

This informative video course teaches you not only how to be an excellent host but how to be the perfect guest and covers all elements of dining etiquette, from proper place settings and use of cutlery to dress codes, posture and the art of small talk. By the end of the course you will feel confident about eating difficult foods, handling awkward situations and showing respect and courtesy to your fellow diners.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Platform Walkthrough - OPTIONAL

    2. Introduction to Dining Etiquette

    1. Manners at the table

    2. Napkin

    3. Table set up

    4. Glassware setup

    5. Using Cutlery

    1. Bread

    2. Starter

    3. Main Course

    4. Dessert

    1. Summary

    1. Final Assessment - Quiz

About this course

  • £29.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content